Community Animation

I am a bridge builder and relationship connector who wants to create social innovation and change in the classroom – I am a Community LeadershipbridgeAnimator

The derivation of the word animator is animare  which is Latin for “make more lively, move to action”.

I do this by:

  •  working with teachers to inspire and build capacity for delivering course outcomes,
  • supporting and animating the school community,
  • creating connections for teachers and network with for-profit, non-profit, entrepreneurs, solepreneurs, charities and government agencies to help students solve meaningful real-life complex problems,
  • finding ways to engage in global and local initiatives – think big – start small/think globally – act locally,
  • involving and making connections with diverse groups of people so that students become global citizens,
  • using an inquiry model approach to develop information processing and problem solving skills to learn things,
  • encouraging Design Thinking to create opportunities for deep thinking, complex problem solving and reconnecting with creativity,
  • creating learning journeys both in teams and personally to create innovation and creativity,
  • encouraging ways for teachers to build in students “soft skill” capacity such as emotional intelligence, healthy relationship building and positive self-talk.

Get into lived reality, change assumptions, have a willingness to see things differently

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