Public Speaking Engagements

rainwindowRuth-Ann is the founder of Pathway Leadership Group. She started her business to coach, mentor and develop leadership in youth and twenty somethings. She has a desire to form individuals who have the capacity and commitment to be transformed by their learning.  Ruth-Ann’s ability to create spaces to support leadership growth is directly related to her own experiences. 

Ruth-Ann’s delivery is genuine and authentic. She has a real passion for connecting with people. Her unique story of disappointment, struggle and perseverance during high school and into her twenty’s is profound but It is when she shares about embarking on a journey to complete her university education that you realize she found her way back to the path she should have been on from the beginning.  Ruth-Ann went back to university as an adult and obtained her undergraduate degree in organizational management and an MBA with a concentration in leadership which provided her with the opportunity to rewrite her story. Her powerful message will resonate with many.

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